Digivatar has been creative all his life. First-generation "Tico" here in the U.S. (Southern California). He has worked in the advertising and marketing space as a creative since his early 20s. He worked his way up the creative ladder working with fortune 500 companies, such as Disney, ESPN Deportes, Verizon, Jack Daniels, GM, and many others. He started his boutique creative studio, Icon Digital, A Creative Boutique Agency in 2010. In 2018 he started the Love Story, a non-profit meant to use video and photography to tell the stories of how people who serve others in need through God's love change the paradigm in the communities they serve.
He has been working as an artist behind the scenes all his life. Through NFTs, he has finally focused on himself as an artist, allowing him to make his prolific work public. He is best known for being a photographer but is also a Mixed-Media Digital Artist, Pixel Artist, AI Artist, and Creativepreneur. Digivatar is also one of five featured artists For the MoonCats community accessory boutique. Through this experience, Digivatar became a Sotheby's artist selling a custom 1/1 art piece created for Mooncat #10. See here for More Info
Digivatar has ventured into the world of AI art. He started in an exploratory way and is now an artist using this medium as a tool for telling the stories of his imagination. Driven to push the limits of the technology and use it in innovative ways to pave the path for new artists and forge new art styles from a format in its infancy.
"I believe this medium will be like a paintbrush to a canvas in use, but the artist's ability to leave the known and walk into the unknown will fill its viewers with bliss."
- Digivatar
he still works as a Creative Director level consultant.
I imagine something, and I create it. No boundaries; art is art regardless if you think so or not. I create because it is who I am. People like labels and want to know what kind of an artist one is? I am just an artist. You can tell me what kind of an artist you think I am. As for me, I am just an artist. I create.
We were created to serve each other. To be a friend to humanity and help as much as possible to those put before us.
For commissions, collaborations, or any other inquiries, please contact me here.
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