Digivatar started his NFT Pixel Art journey when he connected with the historical MoonCat project in July of 2021. He was already creating custom artwork for the MoonCat holders when the Ponderware team decided they would add an on-chain accessory boutique. He became a day one artist for the grand opening and went on to become 1 of 5 featured artists in the MoonCat boutique. Digivatar quickly became one of the most successful artists in the boutique. Through this he connected with Jake Gallen a well-known collector of historical NFTs who had been invited to Sotheby's as a collector to sell a famous MoonCat, MoonCat #10. Digivatar was asked by Jake to create a custom 1/1 boutique item for MoonCat #10. To read an in-depth timeline of the Sotheby's auction the current owner of MoonCat #10 has done an amazing job here

Through this newfound notoriety as a pixel artist Digivatar has gone on to continue his pixel art journey, launching SkullCats in 2022 as a pixel art experiment. He has been working on DigiMechs and has a few other pixel art projects in the works. He has created many custom 1/1 pixel art accessories for MoonCat holders and continues to design accessories for the boutique. You can see his whole collection here.

If you want to commission Digivatar for any pixel art projects please reach out via Twitter or the contact page.

Twitter: @digivatar IG: @digivatar
MoonCat Boutique Accessory Marketplace

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