SkullCats is a Digivatar art experiment about how we view art, 1/1 artists, and value in Web3 art and NFTs. It's taking a different approach to the current NFT/PFP idea. Instead of asking people to buy into SkullCats from the onset (as 99.9% of projects do) Digivatar initially started SkullCats to give them away.
Each is a custom 1/1 #PixelArt piece from Digivtar. The artist gives the collector a custom 1/1 piece of artwork. The collector owns the SkullCat and can do whatever they want with the SkullCat. At first, since they were given away as a gift, people started asking Digivatar if he could mint it for them on an official SkullCats contract as ERC-721 tokens.
Digivatar started a SkullCat, official Skat contract; there was a minimum .08 ETH fee (one could give more if they liked) to get them minted. Originally the collection was to be capped at 999 total skats that would ever be officially minted.
New Change - Supply Cut
In early 2023 Digivatar decided to cut the supply to 99 total minted. There have already been 12 minted and 18 not minted yet. This means there is a total of (30) thirty SkullCats created so far. This leaves (as of this writing, 2.24.2023) 69 ❤️ custom 1/1 pixel art Skats still to be made by Digivatar for those that want one.
Digivatar will launch a DigiPass mint sale to claim one of the 69 left.
Stay tuned for more information on the mint date (TBD). GateBeam holders will have a 48-hour first access to get a DigiPass to grab one of the 69 left. The DigiPass mint price will be 0.125 ETH for GateBeam holders.
If they do not sell out, the public sale will rise to 0.25 ETH until the supply sells out.
See Current Collecton On Foundation App NFT Marketplace

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